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Why Is The Living Room Suitable For The Floor Curtains?
Apr 28, 2018

1. How to choose the fabric

1 curtain fabrics are generally divided into the following 4 kinds: cotton linen / linen: suitable for simple style home decoration, the shortcoming is easy wrinkle, light transmission, shrink. Velvet / Velvet: it is suitable for luxurious decoration and feels very good. Cotton cloth: easy to wrinkle, easy to shrink, and exaggerated. It is not recommended. Polyester: the most common curtain fabric, the advantage is not shrink, sag is good. Basically every household uses it.

2 the choice of fabric is recommended according to the specific circumstances of the room.

Living room: the living room is most suitable for using the floor curtains. It is better to have a double layer, a layer of gauze curtain and an outer curtain, because the living room does not require strict shading requirements, so there is no need for shading cloth. The curtain style can be selected with the head of the mantle. If the living room is small and windows are small, opaque rolling shutters, cloth Venetian blinds and day and night curtains can be used.

Restaurant: the restaurant is not private space. If it is not exposed to sunlight, there is usually a layer of gauze.

Bedroom: it is advisable to use fabric curtain, plus shading cloth and window screening. The style is mainly concise, and the smaller window can choose the finished curtain.

Study: the study can choose natural and unique wooden Venetian blinds, soundproof screens or plain rolling shutters.

2、 how should the curtain hang

1 generally everyone feels that the size of the curtain should be determined according to the size of the window. In fact, the curtain that hangs out in this way will make the space look unevenly, especially for the small apartment, it will make the space look more local, such as the above picture, so the position of the curtain should be as high as possible, so the house is as high as possible. It looks more spacious.

2 curtain off the ground height: the floor of the floor curtain should be high out of the ground 3 & mash; about 5 centimeters, too long lead to the towing, the curtain is easy to dirty, and seriously affect the curtain of the sag.

3 the hanging height of the curtain: do not be blind to save a few inches of cloth, curtains can be hung several centimeters high to show a few centimeters high, like a long skirt to show high is a reason, from the window frame along the 13 to 18cm to start to hang the effect is better.